Our Mission

Our slogan 'Ambitious Minds, Ambitious Artist' indicates that we are ready and willing for the task, we will put our best foot foward. Red Rocket Records aims to unite with talent, and skills of individuals ready to put in the effort. Regardless of our agenda we seek to continously promote the music of our federation and minds behind them.

Value Statement

Create an equanimous environment for passionate artists & creatives where they can network with other ambitious creatives in the music industry, produce quality content they will profit from and ensuring the growth of the music industry.

Our Team

Mr. Shaqueed Benjamin

Cheif Executive Officer
Copyright / Distribution Director

Ms. Kaithylyn Hodge

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Josiah Bradley

Chief Operations Officer
Production Director

Mr. Dejohn Francis

Artist Management Director

Ms. Marlene Hodge

Chief Finance Officer
Finance Director

Mr. Yitzak Bass

Marketing Director

Mr. Ayodele Decosta

Production Engineer

Mr. Chad Phipps

Production Engineer

Ms. Karia Berridge

Career Development Advisor

Mr. Elkreen Morton

Marketing Coordinator

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